Immediate Relief

Bed rest is usually not necessary, so carry on with light activity if the pain is not prohibiting you, but avoid any extreme movements until your pain disappears. (1:5) (3:45) (12:1)

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory patches (NSAIDs) can be replaced on the painful area to relieve pain and inflammation. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for suggestions. (1:3) (13:1, 2)

It is advisable to treat lower back pain as soon as possible after the trauma. Applying a cooling pack to the area for 20 minutes, several times a day may help. After two or three days of cold treatment, apply a heat pack or pad to the area for a few minutes a day, to relax the muscles. (1:4)

Gently massage and rub the area to promote blood flow and relieve tension. (1:6) (12:1)

Try to slowly stretch the neck, as long as it does not cause severe pain. (2:3) (8:2)